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Please order estoppels, lender questionnaires, and community docs on

Starting June 28th 2021, Vine Management is pleased to announce its transition to, the next generation in document and data delivery for community associations. provides reliable, around-the-clock online access to all governing documents and critical project data for lenders, closing agents, real estate agents and homeowners from Vine Management’s managed communities. 

Log on to and select the Sign-Up link to register. The many system enhancements geared toward an improved user experience include:


  • Order by address or association name searches

  • Share your order with up to ten email addresses

  • Hard copy delivery options available

  • Email and SMS text completion notices for users

  • Rush order requests 

  • Track your orders online with order confirmation number

  • Pay for your orders by credit card, check or e-check


Vine Management will continue to bring the latest tools and practices to the community association industry and affiliated professionals. simplifies the process of obtaining the association information that you require. Please share this important notice with those parties that regularly request Closing Statements, Condominium Seller’s Certificates, Lender Questionnaires, and other association documents from our company.

Florida Statutes require that the seller provides the buyer with a set of the association’s documents. Sellers can obtain this documents in their homeowner portal. If these are not available from the seller they may be ordered on this website.

Frequently asked questions

What is an estoppel?

An estoppel certificate, per Florida Statutes, is a legal document provided by the seller's Homeowner's or Condominium Owner's Association, outlining the current owner's financial standing, past due balances, current fees due and lists all future special assessments due.

When will I recieve my estoppel after written request?

As stated by Florida Statue 720.30851, within 10 business days (3 business days for expedited) after receiving a written or electronic request for an estoppel certificate from a parcel owner or the parcel owner’s designee, or a parcel mortgagee or the parcel mortgagee’s designee, the association shall issue the estoppel certificate.

Whats the expedited fee?

If an expedited estoppel request is requested then a fee of $100.00 is charged.

What is a transfer fee?

A transfer fee sometimes called administration fee is a transactional fee to cover the expenses of the management company updating the association's records & documentation, required actions, and the distribution of the HOA's governing documents. This fee is $125.

What if I am delinquent with my assessements to the association?

An additional fee $150 is charged.