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The Five Different Types Of HOA Meetings You Should Know About!

Homeowner association meetings are a great way for homeowners to stay informed about the happenings in their neighborhood. But there are five different types of hoa meetings, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all! This blog post will discuss 5 common meeting types: board member meetings, annual membership meetings, committee meetings, executive board meeting, and special meeting.

1. Board Member Meetings

These monthly or quarterly meetings allow members of the board to discuss and vote on matters relating to their area.

Board member meetings provide an opportunity for other members of the hoa to voice concerns about any aspect of the community.

It is important that board members attend these meetings to stay up-to-date on anything happening in their area, and make informed decisions for the hoa.

2. Annual Membership Meetings

These meetings are typically held before the end of each year, but may vary depending on governing documents.

Annual membership meetings are where an HOA board informs members about changes in approved budget for upcoming year and what projects/events to expect.

It also could be a question-and-answer session for homeowners to ask questions and get answers from either board members or management company representatives.

3. Committee Meetings

Committees are typically groups of board members that work on a specific aspect of the community.

Examples include building and grounds, finance, architectural review committee or landscaping committee.

Committee meetings vary depending on what is being discussed by the group but usually includes a report about tasks accomplished from previous meeting(s).

Members present from the committee give updates on their tasks and progress. These meeting the committee may also vote on request from homeowners.

4. Executive Board Meeting

Executive Board Meetings only schedules if it is needed and these are not open to the general public.

These are meetings where all members of the board discusses and votes on matters relating to financial issues for homeowners, HOA legal difficulties as well as external relations with other organizations.

5. Special Meeting

A Special meeting is any type of a meeting that was not planned ahead of time and usually occurs when there are issues with board members or an emergency situation arises, such as cutting down trees in violation of HOA rules.

For many homeowners, their homeowner’s association or HOA is just an entity that they pay dues to. They might skip meetings and not really care about what the board of directors does. But if you're a new member in your community's Homeowner Association (HOA), it pays to get on top of things as soon as possible so you can have some say in how decisions are made by those who make them behind closed doors. The first step? Knowing when your HOA has its essential meetings - which may be different for every community and development - then getting there promptly with all necessary materials and prepared questions ready!

Looking for a way to simplify your board meetings? Our team can plan the meeting so you don't have to spend hours sorting out logistics. Contact us today for a proposal!


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