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Technology services

Our Technology

Access your information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our mobile app helps residents with a variety of services related to their community. From paying their monthly HOA dues, review your community documents, requesting an amenity reservation, or submitting an architectural change request. 

Technology Services

Homeowners Portal

24/7 access to single portal online to view financial activity, ledger balances, community regulations and other documentation, across all devices. 

Electronic Notification System

It’s important for homeowners to be able to connect with their association managers quickly. We have messaging and emailing tools make collaboration and staying informed more convenient than ever. Unlimited text messaging and emailing (single or bulk) at no added cost.

Easy Payments

Owners can schedule recurring payments to avoid delinquency. Owners can make secure Dues payments via eCheck (Free) or credit card (convenience fee may apply), preventing mail delays or lost checks.

Maintenance Request

Owners can submit maintenance requests directly to your association manager and track the progress of their request. 

Board Members Portal

Access invoices and other items that require Board approval directly from your Portal, where you’ll be able to vote and share comments with other Board members.

Architectural Review Submissions

Owners can submit architectural reviews directly to your association manager from their portals.

Download: OUR Online PortaL

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